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Private Label Product Design Services

Private Label Product Design Services:  New Product Introduction vs. Go To Market

Pooki’s Mahi’s private label customers may not have the resources to introduce or launch their products to market.  Private label customers require services to launch their newly designed private label coffee pods.  Pooki’s Mahi’s end-to-end solution covers designing and manufacturing private label Kona coffee pods and launching the custom single serve to the market.  

Pooki’s Mahi offers private label services in two categories:  New Product Introduction (NPI) and Go-To-Market (GTM).  NPI private label services are specific to supply chain operations, specifically single serve manufacturing and bill of materials (BOM) components to pilot test and mass produce a private label single serve coffee pods from concept.  GTM private label services are geared towards launching the product to market such as press releases, brand engagement, designing the brand and product messaging and identifying an event to introduce and launch the private label Kona coffee pods to customers.  

Pooki’s Mahi offers the several NPI private label services to launch a private label customer's brand:  a complimentary box assessment, custom private product label, private label packaging designer to design custom packaging. 

Pooki's Mahi private label design services do not guarantee sales. It does help drive brand awareness, engagement from customer base and new customers to the private label coffee pods. It is up to the customer to drive conversions through the sale funnel.

Minimums, a setup charge and full payment are required for all services.  The minimums ensures Pooki's Mahi single serve manufacturing consistently produce high quality Kona coffee pods. Customers should expect a lead time of 3-4 weeks after final paperwork is approved to receive the order.  Customers with $500K in annual purchasing regularly order 6150 cups - 12300 cups.

Private label services are an additional charge to the base price for the 100% Kona coffee pods.

Custom Package Design Pooki's Mahi Private Label $4,000.00 $10,000.00
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Custom Products Label Pooki's Mahi Private Label from $500.00
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Private Label Box Designer Pooki's Mahi Private Label $2,500.00 $15,000.00
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Private Label Packaging Assessment Pooki's Mahi Private Label Free ($0.00) $6,500.00
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Pods Pricing Guide


 Tea Pods™, Coffee Pods Pricing Guide

What's included in Pooki's Mahi private label pricing?

Pooki’s Mahi designs, manufacture and fulfill private label Kona coffee pods for your next product launch, promotional product, personalize gift, or event. One price with free shipping. 


Promotional Products

$285 - One time Set Up charge
$0 - Packaging Included
Packed 24 cups per box
$2,285.00 - 500 pods, no box, $4.00 ea.
$3,635.00 - 1000 pods, no box, $3.35 ea.
$7,665 - 2460 pods, 96 boxes, $3.00 ea.
$17,197.50 - 6150 pods, 256 boxes, $2.75 ea.
$31,035 - 12300 pods, 512 boxes, $2.50 ea.

Pods Military Discount

$285 - One time Set Up charge
$0 - Packaging Included
Packed 24 cups per box
$14,122.50 - 6150 pods, 256 boxes,$2.25 ea.
Lowest price for semi-custom designed 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee pods.

Private Label Coffee, Tea Pods

$750 - One time Set Up charge
$4000 - Packaging (1000 Units)
Customer supplies pkg design
$2750 - 500 pods, no box, $4.00 ea.
$4100 - 1000 pods, no box, $3.35
$9,840 - 2460 pods, no box, $3.50 ea.
$23,062.50 - 6150 pods, no box, $3.25 ea.
$36,900 - 12300 pods, no box, $3.00 ea.

Pooki's Mahi custom promotional products and private label pods pricing includes the price of the single serve coffee pod, 100% Kona coffee, 2.0 single serve coffee maker lidding film, nitrogen flushing, co-packing, QA waste, set up fee, fulfillment, shipping to destination, bill of lading (BOL), palletizing, pouch production. Pricing does not include additional private label services like custom box design, product labels, press releases or hiring a custom box designer. 

Purchase additional Pooki's Mahi Private Label services.

VIP Reseller distributor pricing does not apply to Pooki's Mahi® private label products - coffee pods, tea pods™ - private label services or custom products.


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