Custom Promotional Products Label


Design Services #4 - Custom Promotional Product Label - Minimum 1000 units

Custom designed product labels are ideal for customers looking to sell custom 100% Kona coffee single serve pods under their own brand and have a verified UPC certificate.  Use our product label template or have an in house product label designer.



Target customer:  Private label Kona coffee pods single serve customers

Pooki’s Mahi’s private label Kona coffee pods are for customers looking for a private label coffee manufacturer with single serve coffee maker manufacturing and co-packing capabilities to design custom single serve pods for their next product line.  

Specific product information is required to sell Pooki's Mahi's private label 100% Kona coffee pods single serve. There are two options to ensure compliance:
  1. Option 1 - Change specific elements in Pooki's Mahi's product label template
  2. Option 2 - Custom design a new product label. 

We don’t recommend changing the required product information on the label and on the back of Pooki’s Mahi's individually wrapped 100% Kona coffee single serve. Pooki's Mahi's existing label contains the required retail product elements:  product name, SKU, ingredients list, allergen information, UPC, and nutrition label.  We suggest using our label template to change the product name, SKU and UPC.  The minimum quantity is 1000 units (same number of custom designed boxes).  No plate charges for the base design or the label.  



What’s included in Pooki’s Mahi’s custom label design services pricing?

  • Estimates start at $500.00 (semi-custom design) 
  • Estimates start at $2500.00 (custom promotional products designed label)
  • Requires:  UPC Certificate
  • Included:  Label template
  • Included:  Product name, SKU, ingredients list, allergen information, UPC and nutrition label 
  • Included:  Pooki's Mahi's approved designer (custom design labels only)



Product Label Design lead time & process

Lead Time:  Estimate 1 week after customer approves pdf proof (final product label design)
Design Lead Time:  Estimate 2 weeks


  1. Option 1 - Semi-Custom Design:  Pooki's Mahi replaces select product information in current product labels.  
  2. Option 2 - Custom Design:  A box assessment is required to confirm structural box integrity, sales channel and packaging material before designing a custom single serve promotional product label.
  3. Approve .pdf proof. We'll proof the artwork ensuring the label design is printed without any issues.
  4. We'll update the production schedule once we receive the labels at the facility.

Required Product Information:  Product name, SKU, ingredients list, allergen information, UPC and nutrition label

  • Label Size:  6" x 4"
  • Price:  $1.00 per label 
  • Price - Plate:  $0
  • Minimum Quantity:  1000 units (labels)


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Upload artwork at the check out page or via the Customer Success Center

Mocks and proofs for your Pooki's Mahi's custom k-cups or private label Kona coffee k-cups requires uploaded images.  If we have issues with the file, then we'll request an .eps file with all fonts converted to outlines.

Custom K-cups Image Specs:

  • Width:  84 mm / 3.23 in / 239.23 pixels
  • Height: 95 mm / 3.75 in / 270 pixels
  • Image(s) must be at 300dpi resolution (final size)
  • Accepted file formats:  jpg, png, eps, psd, ai
  • Maximum limit of file size:  20MB

Proof Method

There are TWO (2) options for proofs: 

Option 1 - FREE:  PDF proofs are free and emailed for approval.

Option 2 - $15.00: "Slit" of 5-7 printed images as press proofs for customers to "see the real thing" before starting production.  A fee of $15.00 USD applies.



Customer must approve (e-sign) the proof.  


Customer created original content.  Production schedules are determined after Pooki's Mahi receives the signed proof.  By submitting the order customer agrees to review content prior to e-signing the proof.

Compatible for use in single serve coffee maker brewing systems. 



Why are we different?
We'll tell you our custom Kona coffee k-cups are great. Read Kona coffee k-cups reviews from our customers.