Press Release


Custom Service #2 - Press Release

Pooki's Mahi is a leading private label or custom single serve manufacturer that consistently introduces new products and go-to-market launches to a growing customer base.  Pooki's Mahi's comprehensive GTM (Go-To-Market) launch that includes outreach effort through social media and our PR & Media platform via a press release.  Pooki's Mahi's press releases are ideal for customers looking for engagement on their new custom single serve pods.



Target customer:  Private label Kona coffee pods customers

Pooki’s Mahi’s press release will announce the private label Kona coffee pods, have a photo of the Kona k-cup and a quote from the (private label) customer’s executive or representative.  Customer will receive one draft before the final press release for the private label Kona coffee k cup is launched.  Our press release contains 500-750 words is distributed regionally and to select categories and receives up to 300K viewers.  We average 12000 engagement on Twitter (6500 likes, and 6000 favorites) and 200 shares/likes on Facebook.



What’s included in Pooki’s Mahi’s press release pricing?

  • Requires quote from customer's executive / representative
  • Requires "About the Customer" and any disclaimers from company representative.
  • Included Photo:  Pooki's Mahi's k-cup manufactured private label 100% Kona coffee pods
  • Included Link to Pooki's Mahi's custom single serve and private label Kona coffee pods site
  • Included Link to the customer's private label product page
  • Included "About the customer" and any disclaimers
  • Included "About Pooki's Mahi" and any disclaimers
  • Included Press release content of 500-750 words with <5-7 links
  • Included Distribution by region and/or by category areas like business, hotels, ecommerce
  • Included Confirmed press release launch date
  • Included Press release is distributed and shared on Pooki's Mahi's social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn) "In the Press" and "Press & Media" sections. 

    What’s NOT included?

    • Not Included Sales - guaranteed sales, uptick in sales or a sales halo effect. 
    • Not Included Videos NOT produced by Pooki's Mahi's team; we do not own the rights.
    • Not included Content that comes across as "scammy," "spam," cyber-harrass or cyber-bully the Pooki's Mahi brand or executives. 


      Press Release lead time, process & specs

      Lead Time:  2-3 (2 weeks writing, 1 week to launch)


      Pooki's Mahi go-to-market (GTM) framework has strict processes and multiple reviews to ensure all launch announcements are compliant.  Customers may write content for the press release. Price for the service does not change.



      1. Order Pooki's Mahi's press release service
      2. Upload Quote as a file during the checkout process
      3. Upload "About Your Company"
      4. Review a draft press release created by Pooki's Mahi.
      5. E-Sign Final Draft



      Ground Rule(s):

      1. No quote, no press release.  
      2. Missing / no "About us," no press release.
      3. Missing e-signature, no press release.



      1. Press Releases do not guarantee sales, uptick in sales or a sales halo effect.
      2. Pooki's Mahi will not launch a press release that comes across as "scammy," spam," cyber-harassed or cyber-bully the Pooki's Mahi's brand or executives; Pooki's Mahi's press releases undergo several quality checks by the PR & Media platform.
      3. Pooki's Mahi will not include a video in the press release; we do not own the rights to a video. 


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      Upload artwork at the check out page or via the Customer Success Center

      Mocks and proofs for your Pooki's Mahi's custom k-cups or private label Kona coffee k-cups requires uploaded images.  If we have issues with the file, then we'll request an .eps file with all fonts converted to outlines.

      Custom K-cups Image Specs:

      • Width:  84 mm / 3.23 in / 239.23 pixels
      • Height: 95 mm / 3.75 in / 270 pixels
      • Image(s) must be at 300dpi resolution (final size)
      • Accepted file formats:  jpg, png, eps, psd, ai
      • Maximum limit of file size:  20MB

      Proof Method

      There are TWO (2) options for proofs: 

      Option 1 - FREE:  PDF proofs are free and emailed for approval.

      Option 2 - $15.00: "Slit" of 5-7 printed images as press proofs for customers to "see the real thing" before starting production.  A fee of $15.00 USD applies.



      Customer must approve (e-sign) the proof.  


      Customer created original content.  Production schedules are determined after Pooki's Mahi receives the signed proof.  By submitting the order customer agrees to review content prior to e-signing the proof.

      Compatible for use in single serve coffee maker brewing systems. 



      Why are we different?
      We'll tell you our custom Kona coffee k-cups are great. Read Kona coffee k-cups reviews from our customers.