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Pooki's Mahi Private Label

Private Label Coffee Brands

Pods Pricing Guide

Effective 2019: Pooki's Mahi Founder/CEO is updating Pooki's Mahi® Komo Kitty platform to protect Pooki's Mahi®, Matcha Matcha Man®, Kafpresso™, Komo Kitty℠ brands and 150+ IP. Expanded catalogue of services and private label products with higher minimums (private label products) and lower pricing (VIP customers only). Pooki's Mahi will not allow customers to bring their own coffee. Updating Komo Kitty offering to match online policies and for established brands.   

Private Label Coffee Pods - BYOC

Minimum Order: 12300 pods ($2.00/pod)
Target customer: Private label customers with established sales channelsverified UPC certificate, brand identity, and BOM template that includes ops sequences (like specific grams per pod).  Visit Pooki's Mahi Pods Pricing Guide for more info.

Customer must e-sign proof.

  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Coffee) Private label coffee pods for single serve coffee makers are ideal for customers with established sales channels, verified UPC certificate and a Bill of Material (BOM) template that includes ops sequences (like specific grams per pod) and brand identity.

    Pooki's Mahi's private label coffee single serves arrives in a designed wrapper with the customer's logo, brand identity colors, and required information: UPC, origin, distribution, nutrition information, ingredients list and instructions. Pooki's Mahi will not work with customers bringing their own 100% Hawaiian coffee.Pooki's Mahi has agreements to ensure Hawaiian 100% Kona coffees are harvested and roasted in Hawaii. Hawaiian coffee farmers must upload required docs via Pooki's Mahi Customer Success Center.

    Target customer: Customers who have their own coffee brand + established sales channels + BOM template + packaging design team (required).

    BYOC Pooki's Mahi's private label coffee pods are for customers looking for a private label coffee manufacturer with pod manufacturing and copacking capabilities to manufacturer single serve coffee pods. Pooki's Mahi's private label coffee pods and sustainable single serves are individually wrapped to retain freshness.  Pooki's Mahi does not store customer's private label coffee pods.

  • Specs: Bring Your Own Coffee

    • Coffee: Customer must provide coffee in 5lb+ vacuumed packed bags.
    • Non-Negotiable Minimum: 12,300 pods
    • Allergy Information: This product is prepared and packaged in machines not in contact with wheat/gluten, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy.

      Pooki's Mahi specializes in Hawaiian 100% Kona coffee pods. Pooki's Mahi is extending an already efficient supply chain to customers who have an established brand, sales channel and will provide roasted coffee.

      Pod Manufacturers Lead Time, Pod Specs:

      • Lead Time: 2-6 weeks after customer approves pdf proof for final design (pouch)
      • Cup Material: 99% mesh, 1% #5 plastic (100% recyclable)
      • Product Label: Expiration date and LOT code prominently displayed on the back of each wrapper.
      • Coffee in Pod: Individually wrapped pods with TBD grams of customer's coffee
      • Free shipping to the Lower 48 statesVisit our Private Label Kona coffee pods product page if you need this labeled for retail sale.

        Visit our Custom Products if this is for an event. Lower pricing starts at $3.00 per pod. 

        Customer must provide product label and a shelf ready retail unit package if Pooki's Mahi's private label coffee single serve pods are sold into a e/retail channel. Visit our private label and custom products catalogue to purchase additional services. Minimums and fees apply.

    • What's included in Pooki's Mahi promotional products pricing?

      What's included?
      Included - One time set up fee: $750 (removed on repeat orders)
      Included -Coffee grams determined by customer.
      Included - Pod compatible in 1.0 and 2.0 single serve coffee maker(s)
      Included - Custom designed individual wrapper with expiration date, LOT code for each pod
      Included - 8 color film (individual wrapper) - $0 plate charges, $0 tooling charge
      Included - Free shipping to the Lower 48 states (USA)
      Included - Ships by bulk in a plain shipping box.

      Customer hand packs single serve pods into their own retail package.

      What's NOT included?
      Not Included - Product label with UPC, ingredients list, SKU and product name.
      Not Included - Custom designed retail unit boxes.
      Not Included - Design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes. 
      Not Included - Pooki's Mahi does not store customer's private label coffee pods.

    Red Carpet Events

    Pooki’s Mahi’s sustainable 100% Kona coffee pods, 100% Hawaiian single serve and 10% Kona coffees premiered at several Red Carpet Events such as Honoring the Emmys®, ESPYs®, Oscars®, Grammys, MTV Movie Awards, Coachella, Rock 'n Rolla, ECO-Luxe Events.       


    Customer created original content. Production schedules are determined after Pooki's Mahi receives the signed proof. By submitting the order customer agrees to review content prior to e-signing the proof. 


    Private label Pooki's Mahi 100% Kona coffee pods for celebrity gift bags. [center]



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    One more benefit of friendship

    Pods Pricing Guide


     Tea Pods™, Coffee Pods Pricing Guide

    What's included in Pooki's Mahi private label pricing?

    Pooki’s Mahi designs, manufacture and fulfill private label Kona coffee pods for your next product launch, promotional product, personalize gift, or event. One price with free shipping. 


    Promotional Products

    $285 - One time Set Up charge
    $0 - Packaging Included
    Packed 24 cups per box
    $2,285.00 - 500 pods, no box, $4.00 ea.
    $3,635.00 - 1000 pods, no box, $3.35 ea.
    $7,665 - 2460 pods, 96 boxes, $3.00 ea.
    $17,197.50 - 6150 pods, 256 boxes, $2.75 ea.
    $31,035 - 12300 pods, 512 boxes, $2.50 ea.

    Pods Military Discount

    $285 - One time Set Up charge
    $0 - Packaging Included
    Packed 24 cups per box
    $14,122.50 - 6150 pods, 256 boxes,$2.25 ea.
    Lowest price for semi-custom designed 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee pods.

    Private Label Coffee, Tea Pods

    $750 - One time Set Up charge
    $4000 - Packaging (1000 Units)
    Customer supplies pkg design
    $2750 - 500 pods, no box, $4.00 ea.
    $4100 - 1000 pods, no box, $3.35
    $9,840 - 2460 pods, no box, $3.50 ea.
    $23,062.50 - 6150 pods, no box, $3.25 ea.
    $36,900 - 12300 pods, no box, $3.00 ea.

    Pooki's Mahi custom promotional products and private label pods pricing includes the price of the single serve coffee pod, 100% Kona coffee, 2.0 single serve coffee maker lidding film, nitrogen flushing, co-packing, QA waste, set up fee, fulfillment, shipping to destination, bill of lading (BOL), palletizing, pouch production. Pricing does not include additional private label services like custom box design, product labels, press releases or hiring a custom box designer. 

    Purchase additional Pooki's Mahi Private Label services.

    VIP Reseller distributor pricing does not apply to Pooki's Mahi® private label products - coffee pods, tea pods™ - private label services or custom products.


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