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Pooki's Mahi Private Label

Private Label Spice

Pods Pricing Guide

Private Label Spice

E/Retail Ready
Target customer: Private label customers with established sales channels, brand identity, packaging, packaging designer, owns digital marketing and product merchandising. For promotional products customers, Pooki's Mahi® will replace registered brand logo with the logo supplied by the customer. Visit Pods Pricing Guide for more info.

Private Label Distributor Pricing: 12-18 month forecast required for private label distributor pricing. Customer pays for 12 months of inventory. Fulfillment, operations management, drop shipping or storage are not included. Additional fees apply.

Customer must approve (e-sign) proof.

  • Pooki's Mahi offers a turn-key solution for customers looking to design, and sell private label spices such as white truffle salts under their own brand, custom designed label, and have a verified UPC certificate.  Customers looking for a private label manufacturer offering fulfillment, low minimums to copack, design private label products for their next product line. Pooki's Mahi prices does not include fulfillment, operations management, drop shipping or storage. Additional fees apply.

    Pooki's Mahi private label spices are packaged in 4 oz. or 1 lb jars with a protective seal, custom designed label with the customer's logo, brand identity colors, and the required production information: UPC, origin, distribution, ingredients list and instructions. Private label spice customers will use Pooki's Mahi product label design templates.  

    Target customer: (1) Customer with a design team creating brand elements for private label products like private label spices private label coffee pods (2) Private label customers with an established sales channel (3) Resellers selling on online marketplace platforms like Amazon looking for a high margin custom product and does not have their own ecommerce site. Customers understand product merchandising, fulfillment and digital marketing. 

    Pooki's Mahi private label spices are a fit for customers looking to gift custom promotional products, hotel chains, corporate kitchens, marketing event, celebrity swag bag or have established sales channels. 

  • Specs: Private Label Spice

    • Private Label Spices: White Truffle Salt, Black Truffle Salt
    • Additional Options: Private label products will be made available over time. Pooki's Mahi does not flavor private label spices.
    • Allergy Information: This product is prepared and packaged in machines not in contact with wheat/gluten, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, soy.

      Pod Manufacturers Lead Time, Packaging Specs:

      • Lead Time:3-5 weeks after customer approves pdf proof for final design (label)
      • Jar Material: Clear PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic square jar with black polypro PS22 lined caps. PET jars are tough, good resistance to heat and a good barrier to gas and moisture. 
      • Product Label: Ingredients list, product name, size, allergy information, and UPC prominently displayed on label; labels are placed on top of the lid. 
      • Package Size: 4 oz. (retail ready), 1 lb (bulk size, retail ready). 
      • Shipping Weight (per box): 4 oz. is charged as 1 lbs; 1 lbs charged as 1 lbs per dimensional weight.
      • Free shipping to the Lower 48 states

        Product label can be designed as perosnalized gifts for events or as a retail-ready private label product. No change to the price. Fulfillment is offered for an additional fee. Visit our private label and custom promotional products catalogue to purchase additional services. Minimums and fees apply. 

        Private Label Requirements: Customer must provide the product label design with the UPC, size, product name, ingredients and contact information for shelf ready retail unit packaging. Pooki's Mahi will not source different packaging (jar) for private label spice. 

        Custom Product Requirments:
         Customer must provide logo. Product label will have one change. Customer's logo replaces Pooki's Mahi logo. No additional design changes to the label. 

      • What's included in Pooki's Mahi promotional products pricing?

        What's included?
        Included - One time set up fee: $750 (removed on repeat orders)
        Included - 4 oz or 1 lb of private label spice (White Truffle Salt, Black Truffle Salt)
        Included - Product label with UPC, ingredients, contact list, size, product name. Expiration date. LOT code stickers are placed outside the indestructo mailer. 
        Included - 8 color label - $0 plate charges, $0 tooling charge
        Included - Free shipping to the Lower 48 states (USA)
        Included - Ships as a bulk order - each jar in a Kraft indestructo ship ready box. 

        12-18 month forecast required for private label distributor pricing. Customer pays for 6-12 months of inventory. $34.50 - $50.00 USD is the standard price for 1 lb. of white truffle salt packed in a plain stand-up pouch. No custom designed labels. Ships as a bulk order.  

        No Forecast or nickle/dime minimums?Customer pays for designing, shipping and hand packing BOM components (such as product labels, packaging, stickers/seals) and shipping to the customer. Customers who want cheap private label products or promotional products do not have established sales channels. No order = no private label product.

        What's NOT included?
        Not Included - Sourcing different packaging.
        Not Included - Custom designed retail unit boxes.
        Not Included - 
        Design services for product label, film or retail unit boxes. 
        Not IncludedFulfillment, operations management, drop shipping, storage

      Red Carpet Events

      Pooki’s Mahi’s sustainable 100% Kona coffee single serve pods, 100% Hawaiian single serve and 10% Kona coffees premiered at several Red Carpet Events such as Honoring the Emmys®, ESPYs®, Oscars®, Grammys, MTV Movie Awards, Coachella, Rock 'n Rolla, ECO-Luxe Events.       


      Private label Pooki's Mahi 100% Kona coffee pods for celebrity gift bags. [center]


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      Pods Pricing Guide


       Tea Pods™, Coffee Pods Pricing Guide

      What's included in Pooki's Mahi private label pricing?

      Pooki’s Mahi designs, manufacture and fulfill private label Kona coffee pods for your next product launch, promotional product, personalize gift, or event. One price with free shipping. 


      Promotional Products

      $285 - One time Set Up charge
      $0 - Packaging Included
      Packed 24 cups per box
      $2,285.00 - 500 pods, no box, $4.00 ea.
      $3,635.00 - 1000 pods, no box, $3.35 ea.
      $7,665 - 2460 pods, 96 boxes, $3.00 ea.
      $17,197.50 - 6150 pods, 256 boxes, $2.75 ea.
      $31,035 - 12300 pods, 512 boxes, $2.50 ea.

      Pods Military Discount

      $285 - One time Set Up charge
      $0 - Packaging Included
      Packed 24 cups per box
      $14,122.50 - 6150 pods, 256 boxes,$2.25 ea.
      Lowest price for semi-custom designed 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee pods.

      Private Label Coffee, Tea Pods

      $750 - One time Set Up charge
      $4000 - Packaging (1000 Units)
      Customer supplies pkg design
      $2750 - 500 pods, no box, $4.00 ea.
      $4100 - 1000 pods, no box, $3.35
      $9,840 - 2460 pods, no box, $3.50 ea.
      $23,062.50 - 6150 pods, no box, $3.25 ea.
      $36,900 - 12300 pods, no box, $3.00 ea.

      Pooki's Mahi custom promotional products and private label pods pricing includes the price of the single serve coffee pod, 100% Kona coffee, 2.0 single serve coffee maker lidding film, nitrogen flushing, co-packing, QA waste, set up fee, fulfillment, shipping to destination, bill of lading (BOL), palletizing, pouch production. Pricing does not include additional private label services like custom box design, product labels, press releases or hiring a custom box designer. 

      Purchase additional Pooki's Mahi Private Label services.

      VIP Reseller distributor pricing does not apply to Pooki's Mahi® private label products - coffee pods, tea pods™ - private label services or custom products.


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